Virtual Group Fitness


Strength + Sculpt

A fast paced, music driven class. Improve total body strength and stability, while also targeting the contours of your musculature. These fine-tuning exercises will leave your muscles burning for hours later. Why not advance your performance and look good doing it?



Compound Core

A fast paced, heart-pumping workout. Compound movements condition your body to improve your strength and skill. Plus, the extra ab-focus will tone your core. Expect a maximum caloric burn without the harsh impact.


Arms + Abs

A fast paced, music driven class. Maximize your upper body endurance with challenging combinations for your core, arms, chest, and back. You'll work at your maximum capacity and leave with sore abs, too.


Barre Burn


Looking to increase your mobility and stability? There's no way around it when it comes to "Barre Burn". Expect high energy, creative combinations, plenty of pulsing, and moments when "30-more-seconds" feels like an eternity. Also, don't forget the killer playlist. You'll finish feeling tight and toned, and energized.